Halfback Process Data for Analysis:

Presentation/Description of the profile and data:
Machine Data regular:
Machine Data with anomalies:

Status data gathered with generic machine profiles:

Halfback parameters and cloud connection of machines and database example data
Database Data Overview
Database Data
Master Thesis

Data Analysis Platform Document:
Principles and Best Practices for Data Analysis Platforms

A complete Knowledge-based System with GUIs for Predictive Maintenance
Github Link
Video with Explanations

Methods for temporal pattern detection:

Implementation of the temporal pattern detection modul:
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Halfback Adaptive High Availability Machine Broker

Challenges Predictive Maintenance

Halfback RUL Predictive Maintenance

Halfback Demonstrator Video
Youtube Link

Halfback Workshop (27.09.18) PDF Slides

Edward Szczerbicki, University of Newcastle
The Power of Experience Engineering and Simulation in the context of Industry 4.0: effective, user-friendly, and economically efficient problem solvers for SME

Stefan Kirner, inovex GmbH
Headphones production 4.0

Ralf Richter, doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH
Intelligent Windturbine Gearbox

Evaluation of VPN technologies (German)


Halfback Workshop (27.09.18) Flyer

PDF Flyer

Halfback Project Flyer

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Presentations: Consortium Meeting 2 (16.11.17)

Halfback Demonstrator Communication Infrastructure
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: M.Sc. Matthias Lermer

Monitoring of Manufacturing Procceses
INSA, France: M.Sc. Qiushi Cao

Modelling of CNC Machines in OPC UA
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: B.Sc. Marc Merzinger

Presentations: Consortium Meeting 1 (13.06.17)

Cloud Infrastructure
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: Prof. Dr. Ch. Reich

Machine Modeling and Sensors
KSF, HFU, Germany: Jürgen Struß, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Process Mining
Unistra, France: Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Braud

A Semantic Architecture for Industry 4.0
INSA, France: Prof. Dr. C. Zanni-Merk