Project Description

A halfback is the holder of an offensive position in American football whose duties involve lining up in the backfield and carrying the ball on most running plays (souce: Wikipedia).

Strength and Reactivity for manufacturing SMEs

The main goal of the HALFBACK project is to assure highly available manufacturing

processes, by forecasting failures of machines, tools, product quality loss, resource flow

problems, etc. and by scheduling maintenance, component replacing, process re-planning, and even take over the production by another factory, in an optimized and intelligent way.

Data will be gathered using sensors located on the machines and tools. Additional information will be collected from various tools, the manufacturing environment, the product itself as well as the machine operator’s experience. Big data algorithms will use the collected data to understand the process and to learn from the experience of the operators and semantic technologies will be used to predict machine damage, quality loss or maintenance demands in the future. This will allow the company to act before the manufacturing process stops.

Additionally, virtual profiles of the machines (footprints) can be aggregated in the cloud and registered at a “High Availability Machine Broker”. Registering the machine footprint, the machine location, the machine availability, among other useful data to the broker, allows it to offer the machine as a service to other companies. In case of unavoidable machine failure, the HALFBACK software can use the “High Availability Machine Broker” to search for an adequate machine replacement to shift production to another factory in order to guarantee high availability.

The HALFBACK project improves the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs along the river Rhine by their networking with this innovative approach to manufacturing as a service.