Halfback Workshop (27.09.18) PDF Slides

Edward Szczerbicki, University of Newcastle
The Power of Experience Engineering and Simulation in the context of Industry 4.0: effective, user-friendly, and economically efficient problem solvers for SME

Stefan Kirner, inovex GmbH
Headphones production 4.0

Ralf Richter, doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH
Intelligent Windturbine Gearbox

Evaluation of VPN technologies (German)


Halfback Workshop (27.09.18) Flyer

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Halfback Project Flyer

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Presentations: Consortium Meeting 2 (16.11.17)

Infrastructure Halfback
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: M.Sc. Matthias Lermer

Monitoring of Manufacturing Procceses
INSA, France: M.Sc. Qiushi Cao

Modelling of CNC Machines in OPC UA
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: B.Sc. Marc Merzinger

Presentations: Consortium Meeting 1 (13.06.17)

Cloud Infrastructure
IfCCITS, HFU, Germany: Prof. Dr. Ch. Reich

Machine Modeling and Sensors
KSF, HFU, Germany: Jürgen Struß, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Process Mining
Unistra, France: Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Braud

A Semantic Architecture for Industry 4.0
INSA, France: Prof. Dr. C. Zanni-Merk